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Made with love, in the Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia.


Vision Statement

To be the best Goat Milk Soap in Australia – known for its quality and skin nourishing properties.
A soap that contains no palm oil and is free of artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives.


Mission Statement

To educate and bring awareness of the benefits of our wholesome goat milk soap to nourish ones skin.
Utilising environmentally friendly ingredients and the finest milk.
The picture is completed by using earth friendly packaging, thus limiting our impact on the environment – a complete wholesome discipline.


Willow Tree Goat Milk Soaps are free of artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives.


Handmade with love, we have created a wholesome soap that will nourish needy skin.

100% Pure essential oils

Our high quality scented soaps are made only with 100% pure essential oils.

about our
goat milk soap

At Willow Tree Goat Milk Soap we are committed to providing refined soap, made with only natural and beneficial ingredients to nourish your skin.

We are a small home based business and all our soaps are handmade in small batches, thus ensuring a high degree of care and quality.

We use traditional cold-pressed methods to produce our soaps. This allows for the naturally occurring glycerine to be retained, ensuring a softer, milder soap. Willow Tree soaps are emollient, and help increase the natural ability of skin to retain moisture whilst providing a layer of oil that will leave your skin soft, and moisturised.

Much thought has gone into the selection of ingredients used. Each cake of soap contains approximately 40% of fresh raw goat’s milk. Our goat milk is obtained from a lovingly looked after herd deep in the natural surroundings of the Northern Rivers. They are provided with the best nutritional care, ensuring only the finest milk is used in the production of our soap.

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What our customers say

"Thanks Stuart, We love your soap!  Best soap in Australia"

... which by the way are absolutely beautiful and so creamy...

Susie Jones

It's soft and beautiful on the skin! Thank you for a wonderful product

A friend gave me some of your soap for a gift, its the best soap l have ever used in my life


l have used quite a few different brands of goats milk soap before, yours is by far my favourite


Great smells, awesome that you don't use Palm Oil


The chemical free unscented soaps are perfect for my kids sensitive skin, love these

Maggie S

Willow Tree Hemp soap is the best, works great on my son, highly recommended

The felted soap - Amazing! Leaves my skin feeling soft clean and moisturised


Great for a shave.


I am a regular now. Standout handmade soap. Gentle soft and silky, love it.

Sandii Dee

Wonderful product, first time l have found a soap that contains at least 40% of fresh raw milk


Great goats milk soap, the best. Searching for them since I bought one at the Channon market

Sandy Huang

Family greatly enjoys it. It's soft and beautiful on the skin! Thank you for a wonderful product

Aurelie Ferre

This soap is the BEST for anyone with skin problems and the unscented is PERFECT


I've been using it and my eczema has really cleared up. Thank you so so much for the product!


This soap keeps my skin soft and moisturised-perfect in winter when my skin dries out.

C Robinson

Willow tree goat milk soap is the only soap that has touched my skin in the past 3 years.

W Puteral

I travel to the market especially to buy this soap

J Hatheral

The best soap from anywhere, buy it every market.


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