100% Pure essential oils

100% pure essential oil provides the scent and enhances the soap’s beneficial effects.

Our high quality soaps are only scented with 100% Pure Essential Oils

Can be beneficial for various skin problems like Acne, Dry Cracked Skin and the relief of symptoms of Eczema. The oil has been known to speed the healing process of cuts and wounds, and also assists the fading of scars.

Can be used to treat various skin disorders such as acne wrinkles psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions. It is commonly used to speed up the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns and sunburns because it improves the formation of scar tissues.

Lavender oil has a calming scent which makes it an excellent tonic for the nerves and anxiety issues. Therefore it can be also be helpful in treating migraines headaches, nervous tension and emotional stress.

As with many other essential oils pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using lavender essential oil.

Rose Geranium
Rose Geranium may reduce the presence of wrinkles by tightening the facial skin, thereby delaying some of the effects of premature aging. Known also to speed up the healing process of wounds and cuts.

Rose Geranium essential oil is very beneficial in the treatment of acne, dermatitis and other skin diseases and symptoms of eczema.

Known to relieve the symptoms of Eczema and the treatment of Acne. Can be used in the treatment of Dandruff.

Do not use during pregnancy

The aim of our unscented is to create a soap that is suitable for any skin type. It is un-fragranced and free from essential oils. The combination of coconut, macadamia and rice bran oil creates a rich, creamy lather that is soft and gentle, while keeping the skin nourished and supple.

This natural handmade unscented soap is ideal for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin and is an indulgent luxury waiting to be discovered.

Tea Tree
The cicatrisant property of this essential oil makes it heal wounds quickly and protects them from infections. Furthermore, it can help neutralize or diminish the scar marks and after spots left by eruptions, boils and acne.

Melaleuca oil is almost always associated with the skin in some ways because it has powerful antioxidant properties that can significantly improve the appearance of blemishes and scars. Many people struggle to eliminate age spots and other beauty marks, but the powerful antioxidants found in Melaleuca oil can quickly remedy those issues, leaving your skin looking young and smooth.

In fact, the oil can even help reduce the appearance of wrinkles as we age.

No matter where you live in the world, hygiene is important, but particularly in hot places where sweat, heat and activity can make for some ripe smells. Tea Tree oil is frequently included in the composition of deodorants as it can act as a powerful deodorising agent, eliminating not only the smell of body odour, but also the bacteria and toxins that can increase its potency.

Lemon Myrtle
Properties of Lemon Myrtle essential oil are: antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic. The oil is excellent for skin disorders such acne, itching, wounds, sores, insect bites and oily skin.

Its scent has a soothing effect that helps promote relaxation and better sleep.

Hemp Seed Oil
Due to its rich content of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin E, Carotene and antioxidant properties, hemp seed oil is an important ingredient of this soap. It is also, one of the most highly effective hydrating oils as it prevents skin moisture loss. Thus making it perfect for dehydrated skin and aiding the relief of symptoms associated with acne, eczema and psoriasis.

The high levels of linoleic acid and linolenic acid contained within the oil provide anti-inflammatory qualities and are useful in the treatment of skin lesions and skin inflammations.