Willow Tree Goat Soap, the best Goat Milk Soap you can buy.

At Willow Tree Goat Milk Soap we are committed to providing quality soap, made with only natural and beneficial ingredients to nourish your skin.

We use traditional cold-pressed methods to produce our soaps. This allows for the naturally occurring glycerine to be retained, ensuring a softer, milder soap. Willow Tree soaps are emollient, and help increase the natural ability of skin to retain moisture whilst providing a layer of oil that will leave your skin soft, and moisturised.

Much thought has gone into the selection of ingredients used. Each cake of soap contains approximately 40% of fresh raw goat’s milk. Our goat milk is obtained from a lovingly looked after herd deep in the natural surroundings of the Northern Rivers. They are provided with the best nutritional care, ensuring only the finest milk is used in the production of our soap.