Tea Tree Scented Goat Milk Soap


Skin Nourishing Handmade Goat Milk Soap.

  • Scented with 100% pure Tea Tree essential oil.
  • High quality 90 Gram cake of the best Goat Milk Soap – soft and luxurious.
  • Traditionally produced by the cold pressed method where the naturally occurring glycerine is retained.
  • No Palm Oil.


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100% pure essential oil provides the scent and enhances the soap’s beneficial effects.

Tea Tree Oil
The cicatrisant property of this essential oil makes it heal wounds quickly and protects them from infections. Furthermore, it can help neutralize or diminish the scar marks and after spots left by eruptions, boils and acne.

Melaleuca oil is almost always associated with the skin in some ways because it has powerful antioxidant properties that can significantly improve the appearance of blemishes and scars. Many people struggle to eliminate age spots and other beauty marks, but the powerful antioxidants found in Melaleuca oil can quickly remedy those issues, leaving your skin looking young and smooth.

In fact, the oil can even help reduce the appearance of wrinkles as we age.

No matter where you live in the world, hygiene is important, but particularly in hot places where sweat, heat and activity can make for some ripe smells. Tea Tree oil is frequently included in the composition of deodorants as it can act as a powerful deodorising agent, eliminating not only the smell of body odour, but also the bacteria and toxins that can increase its potency.

All Natural

Willow Tree Goat Milk Soaps are free of artificial colours, fragrances and preservatives.


Handmade with love, we have created a wholesome soap that will nourish needy skin.

100% Pure essential oils

Our high quality scented soaps are made only with 100% pure essential oils.


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